Daily Specials


Cup (8oz) – $3.30

Bowl (16oz) – $4.75

Quart (32oz) – $9.43

Gallon (128oz) – $25.00

All soups are served with a choice of wheat bread, rye bread or oyster crackers

Polish Bean Soup

Pork, Sausage, Great Northern Beans, Assorted Fresh Vegetables

Zurek – White Borscht

Flour based soup, with chopped up Sausage and Hard Boiled Eggs, goes great with fresh horseradish

Rosol – Chicken Soup

Hand made Noodles, Chicken Pieces, Carrots and Celery, seasoned to perfection

Beet Soup – Red Borscht

Flour based soup with sliced beets, potatoes, carrots and celery

Dill Pickle

Dill pickle broth mixed with flour and consists of barley and other vegetables


Famous Polish Kitchen